Public & Product Liability acts as a pillar of your business should anything relating to the public go amiss. Though not a legal obligation, most business owners agree that product and especially public liability is a business essential. Without it, your business could fall at the first hurdle it faces.

There’s a good chance that your business has affiliates, third parties and members of the public enter your business premises at some point. Whether this is with regularity or not, it brings significant risk.

If a member of the public injures themselves due to an act or omission by you, you could be held liable. If your plant, machinery or product damages another person’s or business’ property, they could seek compensation from you. What’s more, the legal fees to defend yourself against this could be hefty. Even if the case is unfounded, you’ll have to pay for the legal fees.

At JTS, we use our experience in helping businesses just like you to ensure you are appropriately protected if an event like this happens.

We can cover;

  • Liability claims up to £10 million
  • Compensation costs
  • Legal fees
  • Damage to personal property
  • Management of risks

Our team of dedicated specialists will quickly gather an understanding of your business and carefully consider every possible angle of risk. It brings peace of mind for you and your business, knowing that you are supported should something occur. If it does, our team are always at hand to guide you through the claims process with minimal fuss or stress.

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