Employers’ Liability Insurance looks to protect you and your business from any and all claims involving your employers, labourers or volunteers. Crucially, employers’ liability is not only a business essential but a legal necessity too. In fact, you can expect to face hefty fines for every day you trade without it.

Sometimes, even the most rigid protective measures don’t stand up to the daily running of your business and a single overlooked issue could lead to serious consequences. At JTS, we have considerable experience protecting you from and dealing with these types of cases.

Our knowledge means that we can quickly understand the risks you face and the possible repercussions should an incident occur that is deemed to be from your error or negligence. It could be an unmarked slippery floor, faulty machinery or the provision of unsuitable protective equipment, issues of all kinds could be just around the corner.

Our dedicated team will learn to understand your business from the start, offering a policy that reflects these risks simply and clearly. If things in your business change, we can adapt to this to ensure you’re always protected, whatever you do and however you do it.

We’ll provide cover for;

  • Up to £10 million
  • Compensation costs
  • Legal fees
  • All types of employees, paid or unpaid
  • Work carrying higher risk than usual
  • Damage to employee property

Employers’ liability isn’t just a legal obligation, either. It provides you with peace of mind and equips your employees with a sense of fairness that you, the company and employees themselves are adequately protected.

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