Travel Insurance is designed to give you that added comfort before, during and after every trip. It’s very easy to opt for the cheapest insurance from a price comparison site, but it often doesn’t cover you the way you might hope.

A break from your normal routine is what makes holidays and short trips so exciting, but there are lots of things that could go wrong. From the moment you book a holiday, you become reliant on various parties supporting your trip, from the hotel to the flight operator to the taxi that gets you to the airport.

You also have to consider the chances of lost luggage, stolen luggage and unavoidable events relating to the weather. Of course, the chances of risk can also relate to you; your age and health, where you intend to travel, who with and what you plan on doing whilst you’re away.

We aim to make travel insurance a breeze throughout, focusing on your specific needs and using our extensive connections with leading insurers to gather the most suitable policies. From there, we will guide you in your choice so that the process is as simple as possible.

Our travel insurance policies can cover;

  • Single trip or multi-trip
  • Missed departures, cancellation and curtailment
  • For over 60s, pregnant and pre-existing medical condition
  • Riskier activities including skiing and horse riding
  • Protection for the whole family

Booking a holiday can be stressful but the journey itself doesn’t need to be. To find out more about our travel insurance policy, call us now on 0161 728 8050.

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