Cyber Insurance looks to protect your whole business operation and your customers from potential hacks, data loss and more. More than ever before, the systems you use to operate and the data stored on those systems need to be securely stored.

Without efficient technology in place, hackers can manipulate data and the reasons are not always financial. With such a breach, you could lose money, customers, public trust, your whole business.

It’s not just technical businesses which use high-end technology that are at risk, though. Every company that has a computer is exposed to risk and, though you may assume you won’t be targeted, recent history shows that hacks can occur at any time, to any company, for any reason.

At JTS, our dedicated advisers can be trusted upon to guide your journey in cybersecurity. We know that it can be confusing understand what is what, so our team is at hand to explain what you need and what you don’t to ensure every aspect of your business has the right level and type of cover in place, whatever industry you are in, whatever size your business is.

Your policy could cover;

  • Ransomware and malware
  • Data loss or damage
  • Crisis management
  • Business interruption
  • Notification costs
  • 24/7 response

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