High Net Worth Motor Insurance aims to protect your high-end vehicle from all the troubles it comes up against, whether out on the road or parked in the garage. What’s more, this policy can be used to protect your family’s car on one simple policy.

If you own an exotic, sports, prestige or classic car, there is a level of dedication that exists only motoring fans could explain. Yet the scintillating experience in driving one comes at a cost; with more work that goes into a car comes more cost, and with more cost comes more risk.

Generic or inadequate insurance can take the glisten off owning such a machine and finding precise cover can be tiring and costly. At JTS, we endeavour to equip you with a custom-built policy which responds to your car and how you use it, considering any additional vehicles and any cars your family may drive.

With so much to think about in protecting your pride and joy, we make the task simple and effective, affording you more time to spend behind the wheel. We also offer a range of additional cover options so your lifestyle is truly matched by your insurance.

Our High Net Worth Motor Insurance policy can cover;

  • Prestige, sports, supercars, hypercars and classics
  • Protection for the whole family on one policy
  • Breakdown and windscreen damage
  • Theft, personal possessions and legal cover
  • EU travel

If you do run into trouble on the road, in the garage or somewhere in between, our claims team are more than happy to assist you.

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