Goods in Transit, Marine and Storage Insurance is designed to protect marine cargo, storage, courier and haulier businesses from the many risks they may face daily. You may know each and every inch of your business inside and out, but the pressure to deliver can be overbearing and one simple mistake can have lasting consequences, financial and reputational.

JTS are associate members of the United Kingdom Warehousing Association and have a strong haulage tradition. This gives us a unique perspective of what the haulage industry entails, its risks and how to adequately protect it.

Our dedicated experts use this knowledge to understand every angle of your business to ensure any and all risks have been considered, even the ones you cannot see. From missing cargo and damaged goods to issues with liability and breakages to your own equipment, the team is on hand to ensure your business is never interrupted for long.

We know that every haulage business is unique in the way it works, which is why we tailor policies to suit your needs, so you get all of what you need and none of what you don’t. With access to an array of specialist insurers, your bespoke policy could include;

  • Goods in transit
  • Loss or damage of ships, cargo, terminals
  • Damaged, lost or stolen goods
  • Tools and equipment
  • Third party property damage and injury

We’ve helped many marine cargo and storage businesses so far and know we can help you.

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