High Net Worth Home Insurance can protect all manner of high-value homes in the UK and further afield, but it can cover much more than the name might suggest.

If your luxury home is to a high standard, there’s a good chance the grounds, attached or surrounding buildings you own are, too. There are also the contents within the home to think about, which can often be overlooked and undervalued, from priceless art and jewellery to rare collections and more.

This policy also considers whether you have responsibilities outside the home which are not included on other policies. This could be, for example, a charity trustee. In this role, you could be exposed to a claim for many reasons, from cyber attacks to liability issues.

At JTS, we understand every one of our clients has unique requirements and tailor a policy to accommodate them. We will assign a specialist adviser who will guide you throughout the process, basing their knowledge on your needs, and we can add a good deal of extra features depending on your home and lifestyle.

Your policy could include;

  • Homes, outbuildings and annexes
  • Gardens and permanent structures
  • Second homes and holiday homes
  • Liability protection for those holding roles
  • Other elements of high net worth insurance

Your policy puts you in control of your policy, so it’s up to you to tell us roughly what you need and our job to find the right policy for you.

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