COVID-19 Un-Occupancy Notice

Dear JTS Client,

Firstly, we hope that you, your families and all staff members are safe and well.  We appreciate the fact that it truly has been a trying time for everybody over the past 3 months and we wanted to reassure all of our clients that we are still here to answer any queries and to assist with all aspects of policy coverage relating, but not limited, to COVID-19.

As we are finally starting to witness some ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ with regards the lockdown, it’s important for any of our clients to advise if they are still not able to access their buildings, premises or properties.  Insurers provided temporary flexibility with regards to cover on unoccupied property during the ‘lockdown’ period which expires on 30th June 2020.

We require you to contact us if you are still going to be unoccupied beyond 30th June 2020.  If you are unaffected by this or it is not at all relevant to you, then please disregard this email as you are not required to do anything.  If you do fall into this category then your Insurer may apply certain restrictions to your policy which can affect the overall coverage provided and we need to inform them at the earliest opportunity.

Please note, your ability to claim on your policy will be affected if you do not advise us.

Our contact details remain the same.

Best regards and stay safe from all at JTS.